Gilroy, er Kings Mountain

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Gilroy, er Kings Mountain Empty Gilroy, er Kings Mountain

Post  Gomez85 on Fri 21 Nov 2008, 8:10 pm

Curious on who is going to step up and spend $35k on a Gilroy clone.....Looking at their dealer network, it seems that they are not going into the west coast (closest dealer to LA is Phoenix). Can't see some high profile actor driving to Phoenix just to get a new Chief.... pig

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Gilroy, er Kings Mountain Empty Re: Gilroy, er Kings Mountain

Post  CrashAdams on Mon 24 Nov 2008, 9:15 pm

It seems strange, the Corona Indian guys kept the name on the building since the demise of Gilroy, was ready to become King Mountian's rep out here, but after KM brought out the '09 models to Corona, they decided that it wasn't a desirable location...WTF? You have a guy who has kept the name alive since 2003, and you're gonna dismiss him because he's not in LA?? affraid Doesn't seem like the best idea they've ever had....

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